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A message about COVID-19

As I wrote in my letter to my clients in March of 2020, these are unprecedented times.  With uncertainty comes anxiety, and this is our brain's way of helping us stay alert and navigate these uncharted waters.  Our brains are designed to protect us, to heal us and to keep us alive.  They almost always do this expertly.  In times like we currently find ourselves, it can feel overwhelming and unmanageable, but we can manage.  You can manage!  Therapy can help.  In response to the COVID 19 national emergency, most insurance companies are permitting telehealth (video sessions) to help people have safe access to services.  Read the full letter below for more information including FAQ about telehealth and tips on staying HEALTHY and CALM through this time.  Stay well!

COVID-19 Letter 03/16/2020

COVID-19 Letter - Update 4/30/2020

COVID-19 Letter - Update 7/24/2020

May 29, 2021

New CDC Guidance Update

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would still be typing about masks and health orders a full 14 months after we first shut things down.  It has certainly been an intense year.  As you likely know, the CDC has recently released new guidance on masks and Governor DeWine has also issued a statement (which can be read here).  In light of this guidance, which lifts masks requirements in many places and under many circumstances, it is important I clarify that Rock Cairn Counseling is a healthcare setting, and therefore no changes can currently be made to the policies around wearing masks at this time.  It is possible that the Governor will clarify aspects of this guidance opening the door for small healthcare settings and independent practitioners (like me) to make this choice individually; however, that is not currently the case. 

 I thank you all for your understanding and continued flexibility.  I hear you that it has been hard to be so flexible, but, flexibility readies us for adventures that just beyond the horizon.  Looking forward to a wonderful summer full of joys both big and small.  As always, reach out with any questions.